Let me share my thoughts about using a state machine as a tool in defining business processes. I will also present it from the point of view of state machine implementation.

To follow the text you should be already familiar with the finite state machine concept. If not then I recommend reading about it. Knowing the concept and being able to create / read a state machine diagram is useful to present, analyze, define different process flows.

I will focus on the idea that a state machine can be at only one state at any time. There are different implementations…

I want to share my thoughts about storing application configuration and one of possible solutions. The application may need some values that can be different per running environment. For example test and production environments may need:
* database host or database user / password,
* feature flags enabled
* google tag manager container id
* api keys

Using environment variables is one option. They can be set directly on the host, or configured during deployment. Although I need to admit that I always have problems with setting them up. On immutable hosts it tends to work out of the box…

IDE Master: Keyboard Shortcuts (Phpstorm)

Some of you have heard stories about a developer using VIM as his Integrated Development Environment. For some of us this could sound hardcore, for others it could be silly, but from my point of view using keyboard instead of mouse in terms of using IDE for writing source code is more efficient and by some may also look more professional.
Think about how it can be from time to time distracting, taking your hand off the keyboard and look for the mouse. …

Konrad Gawlinski

Software Engineer, Fan of driving anything with a petrol engine, Too many interests to fit in this box:)

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